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Calm & Clear Acne and Rosacea Serum  .5oz

Calm & Clear Acne and Rosacea Serum .5oz


This is an amazing product! The nano molecules in this product allow for deeper and more abundant absorbsion into the skin. The active ingredient, Perflorodecalin ( Oxygen Plasma ) ,was created by the US Mlitary during WW ll to treat wounds and burns, helping them to heal rapidly. Tea Tree Oil is known as a natural antisepic and anti-microbial substance. 100% MSM ( organic sulfur ), is an anti-inflammatory healing agent, known to be a highly effective in the treatment of acne , rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. This serum is a safe, gentle and effective treatment for many skin conditions.


.5oz | 15ml


Directions: Apply a few drops directly to areas of concern twice daily to clean, dry skin.


Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen daily.


Pro Tip: A must-have for helping to keep your skin clear of congestion and breakouts as a result of wearing face masks .

  • Crafted with:

    Distilled Water, MSM, Australian Tea Tree Oil, Oxygen Plasma Euxyl PE 9010 (natural preservative).

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